Smith & Nephew IV3000 Transparent Dressings 4″x4 3/4″, Box of 50, # 4008

Smith & Nephew IV3000 Transparent Dressings 4"x4 3/4", Box of 50, # 4008

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IV3000 1-Hand is a moisture responsive transparent film dressing specifically designed to meet the needs of catheter fixation and to keep the catheter site dry. Independent clinical experts have proven IV3000 to offer safe, secure and cost effective catheter fixation and believe it to be ‘a technological advance for IV site care’. The 1-Hand delivery system provides quick and easy aseptic application to all major catheter types. Mode of action IV300 1-Hand is made from a unique REACTIC film, which is breathable and signficiantly more permeable to water vapour than ordinary film. The film is waterproof and impermeable to liquids, bacteria and viruses and while the dressing remains intact, protects the IV site from outside contamination. These properties result in drier catheter sites, reduced skin maceratin and lower skin colonisation, thus reducing the risk of catheter related infection. Further, it can be applied easily and aseptically, and due to the pattern spread adhesive, pain on removal is reduced. IV3000 1-Hand is spread with a non-irritating non-sisitising adhesive. Medical grade sterile securing strips and a documentation label are also provided with the dressings. Indications IV3000 1-Hand is indicated for peripheral and central venous catheter fixation. Contraindications IV3000 1-Hand should be used on IV sites only. If a film dressing is required for open wounds such as pressure sores, burns or donor sites, OPSITE FLEXIGRID should be used. The securing strips and documentation label are not indicated as a replacement for suture or other primary wound closure methods. ■ Provides physical separation between the catheter site and external environments to assist in preventing contamination of the catheter site. ■ Creates an environment for managing moisture at the catheter site through increased Moisture Vapor Transmission Rates.